13 June 2011


Today, in preparation for Abu Dhabi, I started juicing. I blame my friend, who turned me on to this film: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. He's about a week ahead of me and has already dropped a significant amount. And I looked around, and I looked down, and I looked in the mirror.

And I ran out of excuses.

I'm well accustomed to being the token fat girl in any gathering. And I don't usually mind. I'm not into body shaming, so I don't feel ashamed of my body, however wobbly it may be. (Very. It's very wobbly.) I mean, this body has gone around the world with me, had adventures, even worn cute clothes. So I'm not ashamed of it. Usually.

Imagine yanking this on AND THEN
all the rest of your clothes...
But it's hard work being fat. And it's even harder work being fat in a hot environment. I've been fat in Bangkok, Houston and Columbia (SC) - as well as other places - and I'm going to be fat in Abu Dhabi. And there are special considerations a fat girl must bear in mind when living in a hot environment. Considerations like...chafing. Crowds. Airplane seats (not specific to hot places, but specific to me getting to Abu Dhabi). Sweating. Too hot for spanx (other 21st century girdles are available). The doubled workload on my heart (already working hard for my weight, now working harder because it's so hot). And, I mean, shopping!

So I'm juicing. This is today's Abu Dhabi prep piece: drink juice. The bonus healthy bits include lowering my blood pressure (essential from the years of espresso and crap foods), getting all the gunk out, and just generally feeling better. Fruit and veg juices are the perfect meal for an aspiring vegan moving to the desert during Ramadan, no?


Anonymous said...

Good luck! Looking at shedding a few myself, but gym costs in Spocompton are spendy! Gonna have to rely on the wife's aerobic tapes and watching my intake (funny how this is also a part on a jet engine.....wonder if there's a correlation for me in this somewhere?). It is gonna be hot though!

Natasha said...

Too Funny. I'm with you on the losing weight, I have 50 pounds I need to lose so I can be back to my old self. Not sure if I will Juice it away, but I will be paying for a trainer and a gym membership.