17 Questions

I don't think I can emphasise this enough: before signing a contract with any teaching agency, anywhere in the world, there are some questions you should ask. They are here:

17 Questions You Should Ask Before Accepting A TEFL Job

 How long will I have to travel to and from class and how much does transportation cost? 
 What reports will I need to prepare?  
How often will I be required to attend meetings?  
What stipulations are outlined in the contract?  
What’s teacher turnover like?  
Will I need to purchase any materials for classes?  
How and when will I be paid?  
What challenges do teachers face with this particular student population?  
What is the dress code?
 For more information, check out the BootsnAll TEFL guide.
There are, of course, other questions to ask, and Beverly does an excellent job of describing why each question is important and how its answer could mould your time abroad. So, let me say again, for the record, if you don't already know the answers to these questions when you go to your interview, be sure you know them before you sign that contract. Read the entire article for more. Also, do follow the excellent BootsnAll TEFL Guide, linked above.

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