Once upon a time, a small Midwestern family lived in a small Midwestern house. They were an average family - 2 kids, a cat and a dog - living an average life - school, work, new baby on the way. And then that small Midwestern family moved.

Another small Midwestern house and another couple of years, and that small Midwestern family moved again. And again. And again. And when they weren't moving, they were taking long long long drives to see the grandparents and cousins in that great city, Detroit.

As life improved for the small Midwestern family, they began taking typical American Family Vacations (Florida, Cedar Point, Washington DC, Canada). And the small Midwestern family's children did typical American Child things - summer camp, space camp, going to the beach, and having adventures to the park and friends' houses and the great beyond that was whatever came after that next hill.

For one of those children, the adventure to whatever came after that next hill turned into adventures to the other side of the world. After my first trip overseas (because when you're from Michigan, going to Canada just doesn't count as international travel - particularly not if your family's from Detroit), I was caught for life. The rest of my life, all my stories would be framed by, "When I lived in ____________, we......."

This blog is a chronicle of my next story (or stories. We'll see). I'm an American English teacher working in Abu Dhabi starting Autumn 2011. In preparation, I'm learning Arabic, learning about AD, following the local papers.....and the blogs.

This blog shall endeavour to be useful, chronicling my experiences preparing for and working in Abu Dhabi (and other locales as applicable), so that when someone else tries to do the same, there will be some sort of reference point for her (or him).

Oh, I mainly go by Mimi, so get in touch!

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