08 June 2011

Miscellaneous Bits

Today is Misc Day. Well, today and tomorrow. (What can I say? I have a lot of misc.) I have the house to myself, the house is clean - time to bring out the bits and pieces and strew them all over the living room.

like this, only more and with fewer guns - but more glitter

Today (and tomorrow - don't get all schedule-y on me now) I'm also going to scan all my random scraps of paper. Then I'll have them on file and won't be toting a bag of balled up notes to Abu Dhabi. Which is handy, as I'll quite likely be toting a bag of old journals to Abu Dhabi. Sigh. I just don't know if I want to leave them behind again.

I probably will, though.


You may have noticed (you know, the three of you who actually skim this blog on occasion) that it's been awhile since I wrote any practical TEFL-related posts. Would you care to know why?

You would?


Great. Because I happen to have nothing but time. And no one else to talk to (look, I told you the house was empty!), and hello! I'm procrastinating!

Fact is, since I got my paperwork back from the UAE Embassy, I have pretty much lost my focus. 

Not that you should be surprised by this. One of the things I know I'll be good at in the UAE is the vagueness of time over there. I'll do my very best to be on time to everything (and often end up being early - at least until I get all acclimated-like), but I'm not bothered if other people are late, if there are interruptions, etc. Time spent getting (and missing) trains and metros and buses has taught me to always bring something to do. And to just let it go. You'll get there when you get there, life will continue, NOTHING I had planned in my day is of life-or-death importance. 

Not even packing. 


Where was I? Oh, yes. Practical information sharing. And not doing it. 

Well, I guess I really just have nothing to share. The essentials are now covered. It took 5 weeks to get all my papers processed, but that was back in February/March. Since then I've quit my crap job to keep house & nanny for my sister, watched a lot of tv, and given away another couple of boxes of stuff. And I've researched the nonessentials. 

You know, stuff like where to shop, how to order a venti soya latte, which phone I really want, juicers, and decor for my so-far-nonexistent flat. 

Also, I've gabbed endlessly on facebook with other new LTs. To the point that I even irritate myself just for clicking the link. I mean, I love those people (some of them - sorry guys, I don't universally adore my co-workers, and I know some of you find me tedious...not my readers, I hope!) and am happy to answer their questions when I can. And, I mean, I convinced some of them to join twitter

.....yeah, that actually was a self-referential link...colour me shame-faced.

And that's it. It's been a busy busy couple of aimless months for me. But by golly, I am going to purge the miscellany. Right now!

Next week: Arabic lessons!


Steenie said...

Shway, shway. Vagueness of time=opportunities found. Like Paradise Lost, only in reverse.
And while I am at it, which perfectly packed suitcase do you mean? You have already packed?

Mimi said...

I had one suitcase (of stuff I don't need and won't need) all nice and neatly packed, weighing in at 49 pounds...beautiful. But my sister wanted my LBD, and I GRACIOUSLY decided to give it to her (after I'd packed it away, so you know I'm conflicted about this). It was in the middle of my bottom clothes bundle - so he whole suitcase is thrashed.

(Plus I pulled out a couple of other things to give away too.)

Carina said...

I love reading that you're doing things with "misc". I keep pronouncing it "misk" in my head. I'm silly. In a good way. :-)

Mimi said...

Carina, I totally pronounce it "misk" in my head too. Out loud sometimes, even. Because miscellany, while an excellent word, isn't quite as much fun to say.