17 June 2011


Today I was killing time while avoiding packing up the last of my worldly belongings to go to Michigan (step one on the way to Abu Dhabi). You shouldn't be surprised by this, as that's what I do most days - kill time and avoid packing. And during this time, I read (okay, scanned the "headlines" of) The Huffington Post. And I kid you not, there was an essay entitled The Romance of Elsewhere.

And I thought...Someone's been reading my mind!

My family has long been used to me taking off for parts unknown, but only recently (in the past year or so) they have started to express concern that I am "running away" from something. I'm not, though. Unless you count boredom of place as a thing to run away from.

I was so excited to read this essay; it was like reading my own life (partly imaginary, as I'm not from South Africa, nor am I a writer...yet). It's not that I hate "home" so much - though I do wonder what home actually is anymore - it's just that home is just...so...ordinary. I know all about home. There are so many corners of the earth that I don't know all about, and I want to go and see and touch and smell and just be



RJ said...

Great article. It reminds me of a book I read once called The Power of Place. It addresses why we feel more at home in certain places. :)

Mimi said...

I think I will read that book. Thanks for the suggestion!

zahidk said...

Mimi... take a few minutes and listen/watch to this song. It's taken from an Indian film called Swades.

The lyrics are powerful yet soft. Without a doubt it's one of my favourite songs and it evokes strong emotions. I'm sure when we are in AD I'll be listening to it.

Let me know what you think.




Mimi said...

Oh, Zahid, no..... That song evokes strong emotions, yes, but to me they are terrifying. One thing I dread above all else is never fully escaping my own, my native land.

Not because I hate the US or anything like that. It just feels like I've failed again every time I come back here after an adventure Elsewhere comes to a less than glorious conclusion.

I don't get homesick. Well I did. Once. During some MASSIVE, POTENTIALLY LIFE-CHANGING drama while I lived in England. But other than that never-to-be-repeated event, I get Elsewhere-sick.

I never want to go "home".

zahidk said...

I think the point it raises in your case is - you know where home isn't... you just haven't found where home is yet.

Marianne said...

Good point. I also feel like I am searching for home. There are moments when I really love where I live, but something is missing. Financial security, and maybe love or just another feeling that I can't describe.